Wayzata, Minnesota

Healthy Teeth

How To Live A Long And "Toothful" Life

A lifetime of healthy teeth used to be considered the exception. Today this is not only feasible, but rapidly becoming the norm. Our recommended approach is one that has a strong emphasis on preventive dentistry. If we catch problems when they are small it is less painful, less complex, and there is less tooth loss. We can help you develop a simple and effective plan to maintain the integrity of your teeth for a lifetime. Together we can accomplish this goal through a variety of preventative techniques.

healthy teethHealthy Foods, Healthy Beverages
A good diet will also protect your teeth and gums. As you reduce your intake of sugar, you will dramatically reduce the decay-causing bacteria plaque in your mouth. Reducing high sugar and acid containing soft drinks will also help keep your teeth strong and healthy. Most everyone knows that the sugar in soda pop is bad for your teeth, but it is not commonly known that the acid content in both diet and non-diet pop compounds cause trouble for your teeth. The acids directly attack tooth enamel leading to cavities. Battery acid at 1.00 ph is an example of a liquid that is extremely acidic. Soda pop profiles between 4.61 and 2.49 which is closer on the scale to battery acid than to water at 7. Water is the best beverage for your teeth.

Periodic Care
Regular preventative appointments are essential for successful preventative care. This appointment can be a positive experience. We focus on your comfort level and base our dental recommendations on your personal dental health goals and the condition of your teeth. During this appointment you will receive a dental cleaning to remove all plaque, stains, and calculus. Each preventative appointment also includes an examination of the soft tissues in your mouth, the periodontal tissues, and a thorough examination of the teeth. Help with home care and plaque control techniques will assure that not only are your teeth healthy, but you are looking your personal best.

Fluoride Treatments
Fluoride affects your teeth from the inside as well as from the outside. Along with fluoride in the water supply, periodic fluoride treatments help strengthen the enamel of the teeth making them more resistant to tooth decay. This treatment is recommended for children, and select adults.

Are your teeth prone to decay? If so, we can help in a big way! You may need extra protection from plaque which causes tooth decay and reforms every 24 hours after it is removed. Sealants are considered the most effective preventative measure against pit and fissure decay. This preventative technique involves applying a clear, hardened, adhesive material to cover crevices in the chewing surfaces of the back teeth where bacteria is easily trapped and where fluoride is less effective in reducing decay.

Bonded Root Fillings
Exposed roots can result from bruxing, improper brushing, or periodontal disease. When this happens, teeth become sensitive to hot and cold substances and more prone to cavities. Bonded root fillings involves placing a filling on the root after decay is removed.  Also, fillings can be placed to relieve sensitivity of the roots.