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Health Risks of Periodontal Disease

How Does This Happen?

Periodontal disease begins with inflammation and bleeding of the gums, called gingivitis, that gradually extends below the gum line. If left untreated, this disease can compromise the entire gum, bone, and other supporting structures of the teeth. It is the major cause of tooth loss in adults.

Inflammation from periodontal disease has been linked to the following diseases according to Dr. Thomas E. Van Dyke, director of the Clinical Research Center and professor in the Department of Periodontology and Oral Biology at Boston University’s Goldman School of Dental Medicine:

Cross DentalCare - periodontal disease‘The connection might work like this… Infected gums send bacterial toxins and cytokins (chemicals released by white blood cells that intensify inflammation) into the blood stream. When the toxins and cytokines reach the arteries of the heart, they stimulate white blood cells there, sparking further thickening of arterial plaque. They might even trigger a rupture in the plaque, releasing an artery-closing clot,’ says Dr. Van Dyke.

He also says that inflammation from gum disease has been linked in three possible ways:

Risk Factors for Periodontal Disease

To Reduce Your Risk of Periodontal Disease

At Cross DentalCare, Dr. Carol Austin is dedicated to treat and help you manage your gingitivis and periodontal disease. Dr. Austin also works with a team of periodontal specialists to provide you with comprehensive care in diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease.

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