Wayzata, Minnesota

Crowns & Bridges

The Architecture of Your Teeth
Your teeth are the building blocks for good dental health. Each tooth performs a crowns for repairing teethspecific function. When a tooth becomes weakened, it affects more than just the appearance, because teeth are designed to complement and support each other. For a healthy, functional and attractive smile, each of the building blocks must be in good condition. If a tooth becomes damaged, a crown is needed to rebuild and repair the tooth. If a tooth is removed for other than orthodontic reasons, it needs to be replaced.

What Is A Crown Or A Cap?
A crown or cap is a restoration that covers the part of the tooth that is visibly present in the mouth. The root, which is the part of the tooth anchoring the tooth in the bone, remains as it is. A crown is constructed to completely surround the tooth with the edges fitting snugly around the gum line. A crown strengthens the tooth and protects it from further break-down or fracture.

What Is A Bridge?
A bridge is a restoration that replaces a tooth that has been removed. When a bridge is placed, it is anchored to the teeth on either side of the space. The bridge not only prevents tipping and drifting of teeth, but allows for normal chewing function. The bridge is anchored to the adjacent teeth in a number of ways depending on the condition and position of these teeth.

Advantages Of Crowns and Bridges:

State Of The Art Materials
Crowns and bridges can now be made with no metal lining and still be extremely strong. With the many new materials available, a natural look is achieved. With the older technology, the metal underlining the crowns and bridges created esthetic problems with eventual black lines along the gum line and crowns that didn’t match the adjacent teeth. Also, there are new stronger bonding materials for attaching the restorations to the teeth. With the new materials we can confidently restore teeth, that in the past may have been removed.

How Does The Process Work?
Four appointments are scheduled. The first is an examination and smile design appointment. The second appointment involves preparing the teeth, taking impressions and placing temporary restorations. The third appointment involves placing the restorations. The fourth appointment is for the final artistry and occlusal adjustments. All porcelain crowns and bridges may last from seven to twenty years. Again, longevity depends on many factors. Crowns and bridges are strong and beautiful.