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The Architecture of Your Teeth
implants for damaged teethYour teeth are the building blocks for good dental health. Each tooth performs a specific function. When a tooth becomes weakened and damaged beyond repair, it affects more than just the appearance, because teeth are designed to complement and support each other. For a healthy, functional and attractive smile, each of the building blocks must be in good condition. If a tooth becomes damaged and is removed, a replacement, such as an implant, is necessary to keep the integrity and function of all your teeth.

What Is An Implant?
An implant is a complete tooth replacement, including the root portion, which is surgically placed in the bone with a crown on top to replace a missing tooth. This procedure is used in many instances instead of a bridge to replace missing teeth. It is also used in place of dentures, where some or all the teeth are missing.

Advantages Of Implants:

How Does The Process Work?
An initial comprehensive cosmetic and restorative examination along with a smile design assessment is scheduled. After the appropriate records are taken a second appointment is scheduled with the periodontist who will also do a specific examination to determine if the patient is a candidate for an implant. If an implant is the treatment of choice, then the periodontist will remove the damaged tooth and place the implant (the root portion). After a period of time for healing the patient returns to our office to have the crown portion placed on the implant.